Seeing in Double

Mirror images. Checker-board clothing. Identical models. Twins is an immersion into the eccentric and playful world of LM Chabot – a photographic duo combining the creative minds of Jolianne L’Allier Matteau and Alexandre Chabot. Emblazoned with bullseye reds, plastic yellows and royal blues – three primary shades – the series is highly polished. It plays with the viewer’s perspective, drawing them in through the alarming colours and trapping them in a bold, visual universe. The images, realised in collaboration with stylist Jay Forest, offer an all-encompassing environment with recurring textures and motifs; twins are sculpted within the designs, becoming inseparable – indivisible. Since 2014, LM Chabot have been part of Montréal-based talent agency, L’Éloi. The duo have a number of high-profile clients including Shopify and Korean Air and have been featured in the American Photography Awards, Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards and Flash Forward, Boston.  |