John Cutting

John Cutting is driven to create awareness of the neglectful interferences that mankind has imposed on their natural surroundings.

Morgan Scott

Morgan Scott creates illustrations and sculptures based on female empowerment and sexual liberation, questioning representations of women.

Sjon Barnes

Sjon Barnes explores “Non-Places”, which he defines as a space that, without humanity or the idea of capitalism, would cease to exist.

Steph Williams

Steph Williams’ latest work addresses her experience of life in Covid19 lockdown: a personal struggle with the turmoil of heightened anxieties.

Jess Hargreaves

Jess Hargreaves describes her practice as “contemporary irreverence.” Through her work, she translates personal reactions to the everyday.

Emma Henderson

Emma Henderson is a queer visual artist from Yorkshire who mainly uses photographic practice to produce gender-bent and LGBTQ+ inspired art.

Sophie Cown

Sophie Cown is an architectural photographer whose work is built upon capturing and altering the perception of modern buildings.

Jay Villacci

Jay Villacci’s Alienation series of photographs conveys a sense of abandonment and entrapment prevalent within British identity.

George Strachan

George Strachan’s drawing-based practice is rooted in experimentation, process and enquiry – making rubbings from a textured surface.

Ellie Greensmith

Ellie Greensmith’s work taps into the widespread emotions from the past 12 months, exploring crucial conversations about mental health.

Jake Stephenson

Jake Stephenson roams the Yorkshire landscape, producing square format monochrome photographs of the region’s Brutalist architecture.

Jack Tyler Kennedy

Jack Tyler Kennedy is a photographer whose interests vary from landscapes and portraiture to the abstract, to show the beauty of the world.

Penny Park

Penny Park is a photographer who explores the tension between nature and manufactured structures by capturing neglected environments.

Liv Sanderson

Liv Sanderson’s aim is to produce images which best describes her subjects and portrays them in a light that best represents them.

Logan Downie

Logan Downie’s illustratrations are used as a celebration of fantasy and horror genres as well as for their subtextual links to queer identity.

Lauren Summerson

Lauren Summerson is a photographer whose work centres around portrait and product photography. She uses images to explore socio-political issues.

Jess Thompson

Jess Thompson is a portrait photographer who uses her camera as a tool to enhance wellbeing alongside a reflective practice.

Alison Ellis

Alison Ellis is an illustrator; a love of dragons drives her to create monsters and other characters, as expressed as prints, zines and sculptures.


Ilyscia is a digital artist whose focus on characters and the human figure are inspired by manga, and provide an intimate lens into a fantasy narrative.

Matthew Jinks

The recent work of Matthew Jinks focuses on media and social canon – and how its impact can affect the viewpoints of society,