Niamh Cullen

Niamh Cullen is an aspiring children’s illustrator whose work is focused on the playful, exploring themes of childhood, magic and wonder.

Bethany Wilson

Bethany Wilson’s work explores bodily landscapes through drawing, mark-making and staining with inks and watered-down pigments.

Lucy Nettleton

Making sculptural obstacles is a main theme within Lucy Nettleton’s practice; the artist compels the audience to engage with her work.

Hope Mitchell-Graham

Hope Mitchell-Graham’s craft-based work focuses on her identity as a woman and how this intersects with a new identity as a disabled person.

Amelia Wilson-Wood

Illustrator Amelia Wilson-Wood’s energetic imagery is focused on organic and natural forms – combined with a love and passion for music.

Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell communicates her experience of chronic illness and the impact it has on the body through intimate and intrusive artworks.

Ashlee Hallas

Method and media are interconnected in Ashlee Hallas’ portfolio. Her approach often consists of deconstruction and collage.

Luca Roys

Luca Roys is invested in “night studies” as a genre that delights and inspires, as familiar places are cast as underworlds of play and potential.

Alexandra Ene

Architecture and the landscape provide inspiration for Alexandra Ene, who highlights the relationship between nature and the manmade.

Evie Webb

Evie Webb is a photographer exploring the innate merit, necessity and virtue of mortality and the ageing process, harking back to Dutch Vanitas.

Maria Anderson

Maria Anderson is an abstract artist whose work challenges personal identity within the surrounding environment.

Jack Bowman

Jack Bowman is a studio portrait photographer interested in the properties of visually compelling aura imagery.

Natalie Steventon

Steventon’s work explores the link between writing and sewing, stitch and word. It’s an exploration of communication and messaging.

Grace Alison

Grace Alison used photography, sculpture and craft media to create a multi-dimensional series exploring her Nana’s home after being unused.

Sophie Rothwell

Sophie Rothwell’s The Archives superimposes one moment in time on top of another, with the image highlighting its own construction.

Sophie Martin

Sophie Martin’s practice considers 2D and 3D approaches to painting through the use of multiple delicate and easily manipulated materials.

Natasha Ahmed

Natasha Ahmed is an artist who lives and works in Sunderland. She takes an abstract approach, with texture and colour being the main factors.

Sarah Dallow

Sarah Dallow’s work is centred on the portrayal of the female body, combining flesh with unfurling petals, framing limbs with a delicate touch.

Mia Ferullo

Mia Ferullo uses self portraiture as a method to regain control over the perception of one’s body, depicting her figure unapologetically in paintings.

Amy Majed

Manipulating light is Amy Majed’s primary aesthetic, with both artificial and natural light coming together in an amalgamation of forms.