Capturing the Elements

Laura Zalenga utilises the power of photography to tell stories, communicating emotions and tapping into the therapeutic quality of image-making.

Cultural Anthropology

Reconsidering humanity’s place within a complex, media-saturated and accelerating world through the presence of contemporary image-making.

Shifting Perceptions

Olafur Eliasson connects art, architecture, installation and design,  dismantling the presence of physical and cultural barriers in the process.

Playful Messages

Sing-Sing is an award-winning duo that work together on everything from design to film, creating projects for the likes of Lyft and Sagmeister & Walsh.

Spatial Landmarks

Kris Provoost is a Belgian-born photographer, currently designing and documenting buildings in order to better understand the world.

Reviving Analogue

A self-taught filmmaker and photographer, Glashier works exclusively on film, capturing narrative images and producing documentaries and music videos.

Networks of the World

Contemporary Chinese artists demonstrate a consideration of censorship in the wider industry, offering figurative and metaphorical messages.

Digital Possibilities

A self-taught 3D artist, Alexis Christodoulou has spent years building a collection of works that focuses on the creation of imaginary architecture.

Minimal Construction

Louis MacLean has a keen eye for detail, taking away the formal function of landscapes and reinjecting dynamism through a considered perspective.

Inclusive Collections

A new fashion label redresses the notion of femininity with clean lines and workwear staples as well as a worldview that extends to social activism.

Dramatic Portraiture

Incorporating a filmic sense of drama in his works, Alessio Albi uses wildlife to embed anonymous figures within a highly textured landscape.