Dramatic Portraiture

To incorporate a filmic sense of drama in his works, Alessio Albi (b. 1986) uses surrounding wildlife to create an improvised shadow, silhouette, or border – embedding anonymous figures within a highly textured and detailed landscape. Set amongst rugged topographies, each image has a carefully considered colour scheme – deep seas match with denim styling, rich copper desert tones blend into auburn hair and pale white bedding reaches a focal point with the light of the sky outside windows. Following on coherently from each other, the images are united by a light blue palette and an almost melancholy effect found within the models’ hair. Albi utilises the ability of each strand to swerve, curl and wrap around the characters’ faces like an organic frame, connecting the photographs to a wider feeling of fluidity and freedom, despite their staged theatricality. www.alessioalbiphotography.com.