Vibrant Equilibrium

Laura Allard-Fleischl’s Seaside Siren and Between Planets series combine fashion and art photography, striking an intriguing balance between organic forms.

Cultural Discoveries

Now in its third year, Photo London has become a powerhouse for international galleries to showcase the revolution of an ever-expanding medium.

Modern Perceptions

Girl on Girl, a new anthology of women photographers investigates the notion of portraiture and assumed perceptions in the 21st century.

Radical Expression

Darren Johnston’s monumental new show investigates spirituality, science and energy as a part of a larger commentary on human existence.

Visionary Frameworks

Three top architectural firms – BIG, MVRDV and Herzog & Demeuron – are reconfiguring our approaches to urban life and sustainability.

Societal Provocation

This third edition of Diffusion takes revolution as its central theme, utilising the medium of photography to document the repercussions of global revolts.

Idealised Construction

Influenced by how nature is presented in media, Thomas Wrede’s Real Landscapes reproduces topographies, spanning simulation and reality.

Urban Symmetry

Stuart Allen is driven by a passion to travel the world, taking a camera to document cities, offering the viewer an insight into unseen urban environments.

Collective Responsibility

Designers from South Africa are looking at new ways to innovate and create awareness about the country’s burgeoning fashion industry.

Formal Oppositions

Building up an intimate relationship between individuals and their surroundings, Hideaki Hamada creates a softly-list conceptual playground.