Textual Alteration

Cara Barer crafts a tangible record of the book as an object, resisting its encroaching obsolescence in the face of digital repositories of information.

Spatial Aspiration

Laurent Kronental’s Souvenir d’un Futur documents the lives of residents in the Grands Ensembles, the distinctive housing projects around Paris.

Designing Functionality

Centre Pompidou launches a retrospective of the still influential French designer whose craft, power and pragmatism set his work apart.

Illusory Voyages

Constituting an imaginative reinterpretation of historical eras and literary masterpieces, Tagliavini explores idiosyncratic themes and characters.

Personal Discovery

For Alicia Savage, self-portraiture is a means to explore her past and present, including the literal and metaphorical journeys that she takes.

Physical Equilibrium

The spirit of pilgrimage is evoked in a striking new performance, Songs of the Wanderers, which looks at tradition through contemporary eyes.

Cultural Sensibility

A major exhibition opens at Tate Modern, creating a conversation between the dangers of domesticity and the depths of identity today.

Conscious Effervescence

Pervading Joshua Jordan’s charismatic works are figures who observe and undermine the borders in which they exist.

Material Immateriality

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, explores ideas of community as an intrinsic part of the aesthetics of contemporary Japanese architects.

Captured Multiplicities

Photo London spans decades, genres and use of both analogue and digital methods, showcasing an evolution of the artistic practice of photography.

Francesco Pergolesi

Heroes is a photographic project that started in Italy in 2013. It is about craft shops and artisans that are disappearing.

Archaic Sanctuary

Photographer Christopher Payne originally trained as an architect and has dedicated himself to the exploration of America’s industrial heritage.

Elegantly Sustainable

Journalist Ellen Köhrer and expert Magdalena Schaffrin produce the first fashion publication that illustrates how green has become the new black.