Conscious Effervescence

Louisiana born Joshua Jordan (b. 1960) draws from the idiosyncratic nature of fashion. Inspired by London’s music scene in the 1980s, his photography has since featured in Elle, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Characterised by an assertive femininity, three of Jordan’s exultant series Babydoll are included in the selection, whilst serene photos from the Miami collection share their momentary idyll as enchanting vignettes. Pervading the charismatic works are figures who observe and undermine the borders in which they exist. In response to being set against various private and public locations, and held within the lens itself, the models refuse to simply be objects of voyeurism. The artist captures unknown narratives in their brief exposure: thoughts and dreams kept as their own. Juxtaposing the clean lines of contained suburban hedges with enigmatic gazes, he creates pleasing compositions which knowingly captivate their audience.