Metafiction with a 21st Century Twist

In The Afterparty, Leo Benedictus combines reality and fiction to present a funny, but ultimately moving account of the ups and downs of being a celebrity.

Hella Jongerius: Misfit

Hella Jongerius explores the boundaries between design, craft, art and technology in an eclectic practice that combines traditional and contemporary influences.

Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg is one of the most influential post-war American artists, and this chronology offers a record of the artist’s oeuvre spanning nearly 60 years.

The Tote Bag

As tote bags have progressed from basic canvas to a myriad of designs and messages, they have ultimately become an extension of the carrier’s wardrobe.

A Surrey State of Affairs

Ceri Radford is the author of a popular Telegraph character blog, which helped to inform her debut featuring quintessential Home Counties wife, mother and village bell-ringer, Constance Harding.

The Lake of Dreams

The Lake of Dreams is a delicate exploration of family dynamics. Lucy Jarrett returns home after many years absence to a changed place.

Great House

Great House is from the author of The History of Love; incorporating the same disconnected threads of narrative and combining to forge connections between seemingly different lives.

Beyond the Visual: The New Role of Noise

Haroon Mirza challenges the boundaries of sound, noise, music and art in one of his latest offerings which opened in February 2011 at Lisson Gallery.

Two Emerging Photographers You Should Know

Isa Silva and Lottie Davies are two very different emerging female photographers, each demonstrating both concept and aesthetics, drawing a surprising parallel.

The Collective Conscience

The artist who needs no introduction takes over London with a massive retrospective at Tate Modern and new works at the Timothy Taylor Gallery.

Redefining Visual Culture

In recent years, photography has become the most accessible and affordable art form. With this in mind, photographers must drive the medium forward.