Hella Jongerius: Misfit

Louise Schouwenberg et al

Dutch designer, Hella Jongerius explores the boundaries between design, craft, art and technology in an eclectic practice that combines traditional and contemporary influences. Jongerius’ work is satirical, which is certainly woven throughout this richly illustrated monograph.

As a product designer not overly associated with the (perceived) Dutch design mainstream, which has become more of a style than a body of real ideas, Jongerius’ name has become synonymous with the integration of contemporary methods with a celebration of historical practice.

Hella Jongerius: Misfit is a wonderfully tactile and detailed showcase of the multiple aspects of Jongerius’ work. Featuring all of her work to date, four fascinating hypothetical conversations between Jongerius and author, Louise Schouwenberg, which discuss her working methods, disillusion with much of product design, and the development of her key designs, and two future essays which offer interesting contextualisations of Jongerius’ work.

Like much of Jongerius’ work, this monograph has the mark of the maker: deliberately dynamic and demonstrative it is wonderful to behold.

Bethany Rex