The Tote Bag

Jitesh Patel
Laurence King

This book opens with “the tote bag is an eco product for this century, destined to replace the plastic bag.” That statement pretty much sums up the feeling of the past decade when stores began introducing the “bag for life” and a charge on carrier bags. It’s a well-known fact that if you forget your own bags in a supermarket this day and age, the cashier always gives you a scornful look, as he or she plates up the plastic.

Patel’s wonderfully inventive book started in 2009 through his blog, which celebrated his collection of tote bags. The idea was to create a platform for artists to bring their designs together, but as tote bags have progressed from basic canvas to a myriad of designs and messages, they have ultimately become an extension of the carrier’s wardrobe.

In this book, Patel interviewed over 150 artists who are making imaginative tote bags. The contributors come from all over the world. This book is delightful, not only focusing on the underlying environmental message, but it’s hugely creative and incredibly inspiring plus you get the bonus of a free tote with the book.

Shirley Stevenson
Bryony Byrne