Robert Rauschenberg

James Lawrence

Robert Rauschenberg is one of the most influential post-war American artists, and this chronology offers a record of the artist’s oeuvre spanning nearly 60 years. Known for blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography, Rauschenberg was a key innovator who welcomed found materials, and even re-introduced new elements to his works decades after completion.

This mammoth text provides an extensive chronicle of the artist’s entire career. Exploring early work, well-known and rarely seen masterpieces, this book pays homage to Rauschenberg. As an artist who explored the relationship between the viewer, the artwork, and the artist, his work commented on the events of their time; today they are modern time capsules.

With such a prolific career, the publisher has done this artist justice, moving from White Painting (1951) to Watchdog (2007) there are a number of works from each decade that are reproduced gatefold. This is a collection that you want to spend time with, finishing with a Rauschenberg timeline; as readers and fans, we come to understand the life and work of this great artist much better – essential reading.

Shirley Stevenson
Bryony Byrne