The New Artisan

Francesca Canepa rallies against fast fashion. She discusses her new collection, one which translates Japanese tradition into minimalist draping.

Towards Sustainability

A Berlin-based studio brings bioplastic into the fashion industry by experimenting with plant-based processes to address the issue of waste.

Bold Combinations

A new exhibition foregrounds William Klein’s unique combination of abstraction and fashion, playfully incorporating light and haute couture.

Materials of the Future

As one of the most prevalent creatives in Montreal’s design scene, Ying Gao’s conceptual fashion pieces render the body a carrier for intelligent construction.

5 to See: This Weekend

Around 95 million images are shared on Instagram daily. Shows running 17-18 February examine photography’s revolutionary potential.

Ethical Manufacture

Design label in-grid believe that designers and brands have a responsibility to produce garments in a sustainable way.

Embracing Modification

Promoting customer-led fashion through customisation, innovation and sustainability, Unmade present a new, flexible model for retail.

Aesthetica Issue 81 Available Now

The new issue, Beyond the Horizon, pays homage to the power of the individual, demonstrating how what makes us special is our ability to innovate.

Enduring Design

Les Arts Décoratifs celebrates the 70th anniversary of the House of Dior with an exhibition comprising over 300 objects.

Gursky: A Kaleidoscopic Vision

“I only pursue one goal: the encyclopedia of life.” Urban, global, local or commercial, a unique form of photography delves into the contemporary world.

Reinventing Tradition

Genevieve Sweeney’s eponymous knitwear brand strives to keep traditional methods alive through innovative design work.

New Destinations

Aesthetica is a destination for readers. Subscribe this Christmas and enjoy year-round inspiration from the best in contemporary art and culture.

Aesthetica Issue 80 Available Now

The December / January issue is about ideas. The notion that progress is continuous, and that we can change things if we want to, is a powerful statement.

Timeless Minimalism

The ever-changing face of fashion is exemplified through a unique label that combines digital origins and clean styling with an ethical commitment.

Progressive Excellence

Fostering new talent, Photo Vogue Festival creates an arena within which a new generation of photographers are able to develop.

Striking Elegance

The iconic fashion photography of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin is shown side by side at Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin.

Visualising Protest

As part of Photo Vogue Festival, Fashion & Politics in Vogue Italia at BASE Milano explores how fashion photography engages with subjects such as gender…

Cinematic Narratives

Elizaveta Porodina’s cinematic images invite the viewer to imagine narratives extending beyond the confines of composition.

Unconventional Expressions

Posturing: Photographing the Body In Fashion examines the contemporary trend of portraying models in unusual, even awkward stances.

Viviane Sassen: Conscious Forms

Both speaking and not speaking are indicators of being human, and there are kinds and grades of each. Viviane Sassen knows it very welI.