Callum Adey

Surviving the Future is a project that looks at how certain circumstances, such as war and civil unrest, can change the way people want to live.

Becky Thick

Becky Thick’s final project focuses on the theme of anti-social behaviour. Her campaign addresses the issue through a variety of media.

Abigail Igglesden

Abigail Igglesden’s project considers the effects alcohol has on our bodies, community, wellbeing and environment, addressing sustainability issues.

Danielle Feheley

Danielle Feheley’s final piece was developed to create a completely sustainable collection by upcycling vintage denim.

Maddie Baxter

Maddie Baxter uses Creative Advertising as an outlet to develop ideas that are based on a rich tapestry of inspiration and experiences.

Jessica Leader

Jessica Leader finds excitement in researching advertising ideas and concepts, but her favourite adverts are those that are simple and clear.

James Griffiths

James Griffiths enjoys the process of crafting a message from words to communicate ideas and and promote positive brand engagement.

Isabela Moran Ferrer

Isabela Moran Ferrer’s ideas are born from an ability to unearth the fundamentals of any campaign in order to deliver a strong message.

Clarissa Johnston-Ward and Ioanna Roumpani

Clarissa Johnston-Ward and Ioanna Roumpani are a creative duo, presenting carefully researched work with striking visuals and typography.

Sophie Edge 

Sophie Edge is a recent BA Photography graduate of the University of the Arts: London College of Communication.

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith’s project My Sister Romy focuses on her sister, who has severe autism, documenting the twenty four hour care she receives.

Maria Makridis

Maria Makridis is a photographer from the Netherlands. Drawn to the vibe and openness of the city of London, she studied her MA at LCC.

Rachael Gallagher

Rachael Gallagher’s practice explores the sublimity of nature and an inability to recreate the awe one feels when viewing something such as the sea

Rosie Scorer

Rosie Scorer is a photographer, working fundamentally to provide insight into her own experiences through imagery and video.

Alice Denton

Alice Denton utilises line and colour to create abstract artworks inspired by an interest in architecture, machinery and most recently decay.

Jake McMylor

Jake McMylor is a photographer who experiences Aphantasia; a condition that means he lacks visual memory, relying on photographs.

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor’s recent sculpture series, entitled Creatures, considers abstraction, texture and form, inspired by marine life, such as Cephalopods.

Chloe Heffernan

Chloe Heffernan is an illustrator whose art is a fusion of brutalist line work and organic forms, drawing upon natural, pastoral and industrial themes.

Jack Shepherd / Vanya

Jack Shepherd / Vanya’s work uses fashion as its starting point. Shepherd is influenced by the weird and wonderful and work that pushes boundaries.

Avalon Iris

Avalon Iris questions how humans can reconnect with the Earth. Nature Transience navigates the connection between humans and the natural world.