World Art Dubai 2024

World Art Dubai (WAD), the region’s largest contemporary retail art fair, returns this Spring from 2 – 5 May at the World Trade Centre. The tenth edition will host over 4,000 artwork pieces from 400 renowned galleries and solo artists. It’s an acclaimed event that promises inspired thinking with live art performances, invigorating talks, workshops, and a creative lab inviting participants to immerse themselves in mixed creative disciplines. As the art world is poised at a crossroads of innovation and tradition, WAD explores new dimensions of expression. It continues a legacy of a rich cultural landscape in the Emirate, reinforced by acclaimed events such as the leading Art Dubai or the globally recognised Dubai Design Week.

At World Art Dubai, collectors of all backgrounds and levels of experience are embraced, representing artists and galleries from 60 countries. The event boasts a vast collection of contemporary works available for purchase, ranging from paintings and prints to sculptures, photographs, and mixed media pieces. Among the many galleries featured at the fair, RIKKA Gallery from Tokyo stands out with its representation of the mesmerising oceanic paintings by Ryoten Ogata. Ogata’s work captures the turbulence of the sea in vibrant colours and dynamic three-dimensional compositions that leap off the canvas. Another noteworthy highlight is Okurayama Studio, renowned for its innovative use of volcanic stone in contemporary design. Combining ancient materials with modern aesthetics, the studio presents a compelling fusion of tradition and innovation, using natural materials from Japan such as stone powder, soil and wood. Elsewhere, Leionid Kim Studio presents a showcase of bas-reliefs by Korean sculptor Leo Kim. Kim’s work explores the fluid nature of form, captivating viewers with dynamic white structures.

The return of the Emerging Artist Awards adds an exciting dimension to the event, highlighting the creativity and innovation of emerging talent from across the seven emirates. The prestigious prize celebrates the achievements of emerging artists and also provides them with a platform to showcase their work to a global audience. For those eager to delve deeper into the contemporary art sector, there are also a diverse range of activities on offer to visitors. Engaging panel discussions delve into the intersection of art and design, exploring how the two disciplines can seamlessly integrate to create compelling and transformative experiences. Attendees have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts, gaining a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of contemporary art and design. In addition, live performances and immersive VR experiences will transport visitors beyond the traditional confines of the gallery space, offering dynamic and interactive encounters with art, allowing participants to connect with the heritage and heritage of the Emirates on a deeper level.

World Art Dubai | 2 – 5 May

Images courtesy of World Art Dubai and RIKKA Gallery, Tokyo.