Under Moonlight

The moon has been a consistent source of wonder for humanity. As our only permanent satellite, it always shows the same face due to its synchronous rotation with Earth – the same craters greeting us in the night sky. Alexis Pichot (b. 1980) re-establishes viewers with a sense of wonder and curiosity, tapping into the supremacy of the organic world and its astrological cycles. The Séléné series makes reference to Greek mythology, specifically Selene (derived from “selas” meaning “bright”), who was a goddess of the full moon, celebrated with each lunar cycle. These images are hypnotic, with sharp edges, iridescent valleys, vertiginous cliffs and rippling bodies of sand cast under pearly skies. The ethereal locations transport viewers to a world seemingly adjacent to our own: both familiar and foreign. Spectral images revel in a sense of stillness, with milk-white rockfaces commanding viewer attention.


All images by Alexis Pichot, from the series Séléné.