Transforming Ideas: The October / November Issue

What’s an idea and where does it come from? We all know there’s a lot of noise in society right now, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to think beyond the moment. The biggest challenge I have is figuring out how can I carve out space to muse. There always seems to be something urgent to do. I talk about the human story a lot and I have visited many palaeolithic sites – places that were inhabited by people 35,000 years ago. It’s extraordinary to learn from the drawings they left behind. But there’s one thing that I do know, an idea leads to another, and another, and another. Fast-forward to present-day and here we are in a world that is defined by innovation. Here is a preview of the October / November issue of Aesthetica which is a love letter to ideation.

Seasons of Change | Simon Norfolk follows Afghanistan’s central highlands across the four seasons, watching summertime bleed into autumn and winter.

Quiet Moment | Laura Stevens crafts quiet, filmic portraits and landscapes that ripple with emotions. There’s a palpable sense of an intimate story unfolding.

Storm on the Horizon | Elsa Bleda turns her gaze skywards, picturing lightning as it strikes tumultuous clouds. The images are made at midnight in South Africa.

Surreal Expression | Feathers, leaves, balloons, paper cranes and butterflies. Fares Micue returns to Aesthetica with her joyous, inspiring self-portrait series.

Free to Improvise | For French photographer Anne-Laure Étienne, taking pictures is as much about shooting as it is about freedom, movement and performance.

Nostalgic Portraits | Beauty. Fashion. Lifestyle. New York-based artist Micaiah Carter has a singular creative vision. It is rooted in core values of empathy and connection.

Building the Picture | The story of architecture in photography is being written. Vitra Design Museum foregrounds what’s next through the lens of one key image-maker.

Objects in Focus | Justin Bettman’s colourful and retro still life images feature nostalgic Polaroid cameras, analogue alarm clocks and walkie talkies.

Magic in Wilderness | Photographer Ellie Davies revels in feelings of mystery provided by forests, using the lens to address climate issues in the UK and beyond.

Stepping into Nature | Themes of empowerment, authenticity and play are central to Tamara Dean’s practice. Her works explore human connection with the landscape.

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Image credits:

1. Fares Micue, Embedded passion, (2022).

2. Time Taken (2013-2014). © Simon Norfolk. Courtesy the artist and Michael Hoppen Gallery.

3. Laura Stevens, Sofia (detail), from Another November, (2015). Image courtesy the artist.

4. Laura Stevens, Aurelie (detail), from Another November, (2015). Image courtesy the artist.

5.Elsa Bleda, from Heavens, (2019). Image courtesy the artist.

6. Fares Micue, Defensive II, (2019). Image courtesy the artist.

7. Fares Micue, Outgrow your old self, (2022). Image courtesy the artist.

8. Anne-Laure Etienne, from Tissue and Bones, (2022). Image courtesy the artist.

9. Untitled, (2022). © Micaiah Carter, (2023). Publication: Elle USA. Talent: Baba Diop

10. Alton in Brooklyn, (2016). © Micaiah Carter, (2023). Talent: Alton Mason.

11. Teshima Art Museum, Teshima Japan, Rei Naito, Ryue Nishizawa. Image courtesy Iwan Baan.

12. Justin Bettman, from Sofa Spectrum (2020). Image courtesy the artist.

13. Justin Bettman, from Sofa Spectrum (2020). Image courtesy the artist.

14. Ellie Davies, Chalk Streams 2, (2023). Image courtesy the artist.

15. Tamara Dean, Night Garden. Image courtesy the artist.

16.Tamara Dean, Tumbling through the treetops. Image courtesy the artist.