Obscure Perceptions

American artist Gregory Crewdson (b. 1962) has been internationally acclaimed for his unique style – combining documentary voyeurism with a lustrous vision of contemporary life. Taking domestic settings as a focus, Crewdson is a master of conceptual narratives played out within the environs of the everyday. Cathedral of the Pines (2013-2014) is no different: evoking palpable tension in his glacial scenes, the artist transforms the rural town of Becket, Massachusetts, into a spectral land charged with undetermined human emotion. Each image is steeped with isolation and despondence – complex figures stand transfixed by their unresolved motives. A wintry landscape envelopes living rooms and outdoor sheds, perpetuating the characters’ closed mental states whilst impregnating ordinary objects with mournful lighting. As one of Aesthetica’s top picks for 2017, this series will be on display at The Photographers’ Gallery, London from 23 June. www.thephotographersgallery.org.uk.