Symbiotic Landscapes

German designer and self-taught photographer Maik Lipp (b.1973) takes a clean, graphic approach to documenting the modern metropolis. The featured series Mixed Minimal isolates the beauty of lone architectural elements, which are, in reality, taken from narrow and often cramped buildings from the overdrawn, globalised city. Based on a longstanding passion for topographical symmetry, Lipp’s practice finds symbiosis in the space between geographical realities. Although using real projects as the basis – Rotterdam Centraal; Neuer Zollhof (Gehry-Bauten), Düsseldorf; the Citroen Building, Paris; and the Pavilion of Portugal being but a few examples – each composition is stripped back to a showcase of concrete, glass and metal. The congruent materials that make up 21st century spaces are represented as bold, reflective structures that encroach on the skyline, moving forwards, both thematically and literally, into the organic atmosphere.