A Question of Colour


One of the great wonders of photography is its ability to capture a moment; a frozen second in time that will never return. Henri Cartier-Bresson (b. 1908) worked by the ethos of “the decisive moment”, whereby he aimed to seize something the very moment it happened. Following in his footsteps, generations of photographers have searched for this moment, but in colour rather than in Cartier-Bresson’s favoured black and white. A Question of Colour showcases 10 of Cartier-Bresson’s photographs never exhibited in the UK before, alongside many of the international photographers he influenced, including Karl Baden, Harry Gruyaert, Robert Walker, Carolyn Drake, Boris Savelev and Ernst Haas. The works in the show, which runs until 27 January at Somerset House, London, address Cartier-Bresson’s issues with colour photography through his own techniques. The following images are a selection from the show.