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Jim Lambie: Perceptions of Domesticity

Electrolux at the Modern Institute, Glasgow, marks Lambie’s sixth solo exhibition with a new collection that recontextualises objects.

Jim Lambie: Shaved Ice, Glasgow

Shaved Ice, a new show of work by Jim Lambie has landed at The Modern Institute, Glasgow. Lambie references popular culture and draws his subject matter from music and iconic figures.

Spatial Reimagining

Spiral Scratch, a site-specific public art installation creates a kaleidoscopic arena of colour, line and form.

Cultural Seduction

Now, Today, Tomorrow and Always asks how popular culture, and its compendium of imagery and words, has influenced contemporary art.

Summer Exhibition 2015, Royal Academy, London

For 247 years, the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition has offered a snapshot of contemporary art – and this year’s showcase is a riot of colour.

19th Sydney Biennale: You Imagine What You Desire

You Imagine What You Desire is a fitting title for Sydney’s 19th Biennale. Spread across five sites, the programme forces audiences to absorb the ideas, beauty and creative energy of each venue’s work.

Sculpture in the City, London

Sculpture in the City shows works by Robert Indiana, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Antony Gormley, Keith Coventry, Richard Wentworth, Shirazeh Houshiary, Jim Lambie and Ryan Gander across London.

Androgynous Aesthetics: Interview with Brendan Jamison

For the past seven years the Northern Irish based artist, Brendan Jamison has amassed a significant body of work. Jamison appropriates diverse media including wax, wool, sugar cubes and pins.

Thoughtless Gestures + Obsessive Beauty: Scotland + Venice present Karla Black, Venice Biennale

Taking place across a six-month period, from June to November, this year’s Biennale di Venezia seeks to understand the significance of art in a globalised…