Jim Lambie: Shaved Ice, Glasgow

Jim Lambie: Shaved Ice, Glasgow

Shaved Ice, a new exhibition of work by Jim Lambie has landed at The Modern Institute, Aird’s Lane, Glasgow. Running until 9 March 2013, Lambie references popular culture and draws his subject matter from music and iconic figures. Shaved Ice is an installation of sixteen ladders running from floor to ceiling, highlighting both the height and the symmetry of the space. Between the steps there are mirrored inserts, painted in lavish colours, leaving the ladders devoid of function.

Lambie’s work develops from a response to the psychology of space and colour and takes over the gallery space. Deeply influenced by movements in art and the history of place, Lambie’s practice specifically relates to the industrial past of his hometown Glasgow, and utopian liberation movements, such as William Morris’ Socialism and the Arts and Crafts movement. Returning to Glasgow for this solo show, his installations are usually site-specific, using existing architecture as inspiration. Shaved Ice is a collection of a seemingly artless everyday object, but these ladders are transformed into new sculptural forms with an alternative function.

With a liberal and unique approach to each of his exhibitions, Lambie works outside of the constraints of a single medium or dimension. Instead, his installations transform space into a dazzling interaction of colours, shapes and forms, and thus challenging the audience’s perceptions.

Shaved Ice, open until 9 March, The Modern Institute, Aird’s Lane, Glasgow, G1 5HU.

All images: Courtesy the Artist and The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow