Scale of Perception

Photographer Charlie Goodge and Stylist / Art Director Jessica Jung have paired up for an abstract still life series that showcases the parallels between architecture and ceramics.

The images play with the idea of subject and object; foreground and background. Each photograph plays with the scale of the ceramics against their settings, asking questions about perception and what the viewer prioritises in their mind’s eye. Are the ceramics large or the rooms small? Does there need to be an objective truth in the images? How does composition affect our judgement?

The series, as a whole, focuses on shape and craftsmanship, at once misleading the viewer and inviting them into an ethereal landscape where the rooms can at once be reduced or expanded.

Charlie Goodge: 
IG: @charliegoodge

Jessica Jung:
IG: @jessicajungcreative

1. Featuring Leggy Sculpture, ceramic piece by Anna Beam. Loaned from us Modern Art Hire.
2. Featuring sculpture by Noe Kuremoto, loaned from A New Tribe.
3. Featuring Natural Sculptural Vessel by Haar East. On loan from A New Tribe.
All images: Photography and Retouching: Charlie Goodge. Stylist and Art Direction: Jessica Jung
. Paint courtesy of Bauwerk Colour.