Paired Direction

Immaculate green lawns. Clean white stripes. Blanket blue skies. These photographs are a masterful concoction of creativity and dynamic energy, playing with the aesthetics of track and field. In primary colour worlds, bright red clothing contrasts brilliantly with white knit jumpers; curving lines juxtapose with straight painted courts. Positioned in tandem, the models are paired through monochromatic clothing and creative direction. They mirror one another – laying across tarmac, sitting on benches and playing with light and shadow. These visuals are an inventive response to athleticism and competition. Portrait photographer Benedict Adu (b. 1992) created both the Kinship and Practice series in collaboration with Sunday School – a Toronto-based creative agency launched by Josef Adamu. Sunday School’s ethos is built upon bold visual storytelling, valuing the universality of images in expressing a range of cultures and perspectives.  |