Spatial Illumination

Spatial Illumination

Exploring the possibilities of light for over six decades, manufacturer Louis Poulsen crafts commercial and domestic solutions for illuminating both indoor and outdoor environments. Design To Shape Light, a photography exhibition inspired by the brand’s ethos, transforms perceptions of space through compositions inspired by thoughtful illumination and sculptural forms.

Featuring 21 images by Europe’s leading architects, designers and photographers – including Iwan Baan, Squire & Partners, Jason Bruges, Barbara Chandler and Eva Menz – the interdisciplinary show explores the relationship between a range of creative disciplines. Looking to the universal power of light and colour to reshape environments – whether natural, built or imagined – the collection uses abstraction, layering and shadow to present an alternative view of the world.

Defined by an ethereal quality that reflects the transience of the subject matter, selected images traverse the liminal spaces between buildings and organic forms. Exploring urban and rural environments, the collection highlights the overlooked in the everyday, offering moments of reflection in a fast-paced world.

As designer and curator of the show Paul Nulty notes: “There are so many innovative players on the architecture and design scene that have a great eye that goes beyond their own discipline and into the realm of light. Photography is an ideal way of expressing this, and the result is a collection of twenty very different, personal perspectives of light, and ultimately, emotions.”

Each image will be available  through a silent auction with all proceeds going to Maggie’s Barts, at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. The show runs at Carl Hansen & Son showroom in Clerkenwell, London, until 26 October. Find out more here. 

1. James French.
2. James Newton.
3. Michael Grubb Studio.