Painterly Aesthetics

Letizia Le Fur (b. 1973) first engaged with painting as an artistic practice, drawn to its profound sense of colour, composition and structure. Each brushstroke offered complete agency, allowing the imagination to take hold of contrast and texture. Le Fur has since translated this autonomous methodology into photography, balancing light and dark through a distinctly soft and inviting aesthetic. Her compositions plunge from one scene to the next, whilst maintaining a gentle sense of stasis. Viewers pause to glimpse at the markings of a frosted windscreen or a balloon rising into the air. Le Fur’s works are nourished by a sense of wanderlust – moving round urban, domestic and natural landscapes with a sensitive gaze. The images are poetic, formally considered and laden with sensory markers. Skin, glass and grass are captured through the most minute details, allowing scenes with both sweetness and depth to be constructed.

Lead image: Letizia Le Fur. Courtesy of the artist.