Next Generation 2017: Archival Narratives

As part of a yearly collaboration with the London College of Communication, Aesthetica presents an exciting list of emerging artists who utilise photography as a medium through which to highlight, accentuate and solidify the transient intimacy of human nature.

Raquel Carrolopez is a Spanish born photographer based in London, who works on long term documentary projects supported by extensive research and portraiture photography. Carrolopez holds an MA in Fine Art Photography from LCC, and won the commendation and additional showcase for Photoworks. Images from her Between the Cracks series investigate a place in an isolated region in the mountains of northern Spain where a group of people have withdrawn themselves from society and have created their own world away from civilisaition. Themes of isolation, individualism and society are explored, blending archival photographs and personal objects (including diaries, letters, postcards) left behind by members of this community with her own images to tell a story about this place allowing the viewers to create their own narratives.

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Twitter: @raquelcarro1