Nadav Kander: Yangtze – The Long River


Nadav Kander (b. 1961) uses his camera as a tool to capture the changing world. In his series Yangtze – The Long River, a body of work for which he won the prestigious Prix Pictet photographic award in 2009, Kander followed the Yangtze River for most of its near 4,000 miles. From mouth to source, through the heart of China, he photographed the people who live on its shores. Throughout his journey, he discovered a place that is undergoing extreme industrial and economic change, impacting upon the landscape and leaving it somewhere between the realms of construction and destruction. Much of this series examines the ideas behind re-construction, and its impact on the people who live there. Many have commented that the locations of their youth are now gone and, in the process of redevelopment, China risks losing its heritage. This enthralling series invites you to look more deeply into the photographs and study their unusual juxtapositions. Yangtze – The Long River opens on 18 October and runs until 24 November at Flowers Gallery in New York City.