Meditative Sandscapes

Since 2011, self-taught photographer Luca Tombolini has been drum scanning and printing on large scale prints, creating landscapes and real-life scenes taken from long solo trips in remote areas. Travelling for long periods of time is part of a wider process that allows a simpler state of mind to emerge, away from today’s fast-paced culture.

Tombolini allows emotions and individual vision to guide the production of large format images, creating a slow and meditative practice. Seeking a connection with the land, each composition communicates majesty and spirituality. The artist notes: “What I’m seeking in the landscape becomes a mirror of what my ‘self’ might be.”

The images question what it means to exist in today’s technological, alienating world. Each arresting photograph invites the viewer to stop and contemplate the beauty of colours and undulating environments; occupying an ethereal space away from modernity, Luca offers a sanctuary for the 21st century audience.
IG: @lucatombolini

1. All images courtesy of Luca Tombolini.