Lucy Raven: Merging Dimensions

New York artist and filmmaker, Lucy Raven (b.1977), is at Serpentine Gallery, London, in her first UK solo exhibition, 8 December-February. Encompassing a variety of digital and analogue material Raven creates observations using animation, highlighting the marginal spaces at the edges of image production. The show explores what happens behind the camera or between the frames of film.

The exhibition will bring together a diverse selection of works in a site-specific installation, focusing on the spaces in which we live and the pre-conceived dimensions of film, Raven interacts uniquely with the gallery as a culturally layered institution and building. At the heart of the show is Curtains (2014), in which still stereoscopic images converge and diverge, weaving in and out of three-dimensions when viewed through glasses This attention shift towards the production and technicality of filmmaking has encouraged a study of the medium as a scientific form, revealing that deeply cinematic results are embedded into the very technology.

Whilst focusing on the spatial elements that film invades, Raven also evokes the question of time. Her most recent piece, Casters (2016), depicts slow moving beams and the looping visuals in RP31 (2012) measure viewing time in frames and split seconds. The artist centres time as a paramount issue throughout the installation.  In China Town (2009), the artist documents the production of copper wire from an open pit mine in the American West to a smelter in southern China. Further to this extensive visual display, the show will include a selection of related objects and curate a series of screenings throughout the exhibition.

Lucy Raven has had work included in exhibitions and screenings internationally, including the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio (2016); Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, New York (2015); Portikus, Frankfurt (2014); Interaccess Gallery, Toronto (2014); Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California (2012); Manchester International Festival, Manchester (2011) and Museum of Modern Art, New York (2010).

Lucy Raven Merging Dimensions, Serpentine Gallery, London, 8 December – 12 February. For more information, visit:

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1. Lucy Raven, Curtains (still), 2014.