Larry Bell: 6 x 6 An Improvisation, White Cube at Melin Building, Miami

This off-site project by White Cube takes place within the Melin building, in the Miami Design District, and exhibits the work of one of the leading voices within California’s ‘Light and Space’ movement. Throughout his 50-year long career, Larry Bell has consistently focused on the properties of light and its relationship to texture and surface. Therefore, for this exhibition he  installs a ‘standing wall’ sculpture constructed from 30 individual glass panels, refracting the bright light of winter in Miami.

The piece transforms according to the time of day, having been formed of three types of glass; grey, transparent and panels coated with a thin layer of nickel-chrome, having been treated with a thermal evaporation process. The piece’s layered reflections and shapes, varied hues and densities, ensure that it moves between sculpture, barrier and translucent window depending on the day, the weather and time.

Larry Bell: 6 x 6 An Improvisation, until 9 January 2016,  Suite #200, Melin Building, 3930 NE Second Ave, Miami, FL 33137.

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1. Larry Bell. Courtesy of White Cube.