KAIROS, In Conjunction with Playtime Exhibition, Cornerhouse, Manchester

Group exhibition, Playtime, is the final Cornerhouse group exhibition before they make their move into HOME in May 2015. The show sees a selection of artists including Rosa Barba, Niklas Goldbach, Andy Graydon, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Gabriel Lester, Naomi Kashiwagi, Shannon Plumb, Humberto Vélez and Jan St Werner create new commissions which take inspiration from Cornerhouse’s iconic brick structure and director Jacques Tati’s 1967 comedic masterpiece Playtime.

Cornerhouse will now add a performance piece to this exhibition: KAIROS which is the latest project by artists Loren Fetterman and Stefanie Elrick will be performed in Cornerhouse’s Annexe. This interactive live performance challenges our understanding of time and the cycles at work in our lives as Stefanie Elrick is strapped to a motorised ‘clock’ mechanism, spinning whilst accompanied by a specially commissioned soundscape by Jonny Banyard.

This giant rotating wheel contains four concentric turning discs that fit together to make a 10ft time piece, each spinning independently at various speeds; as the piece progresses both this ‘clock’ and Elrick’s’s body will be painted with an elemental mandala and a master poem – reflecting the themes of physical endurance and audience immersion characteristic of Fetterman and Elrick’s work.

The piece follows Fetterman and Elrick’s first collaboration Written in Skin, where stories of an international group of strangers were ‘blood-lined’ across Elrick’s body in one sitting and the healing process was documented afterwards. Again, for KAIROS Fetterman and Elrick have asked members of the public to submit their own writing, this time on the themes of cycles and time, so that the work unifies the experiences of strangers into one voice.

KAIROS, Cornerhouse, 31 January 12:00 – 18:00 (Live Performance) & 1 February 12:00 – 18:00. The Annexe, Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5NH. For more information visit www.cornerhouse.org.

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1. Playtime, courtesy of Cornerhouse.