Joyce Pensato: Joyceland at the Lisson Gallery

Joyce Pensato: Joyceland at the Lisson Gallery, London until 10 May has brought some of the world’s best known icons of popular culture and transformed the space into an impression of her Brooklyn studio (which she refers to as ‘Joyceland’) in London.

Featuring characters including Batman and The Simpsons, this artist has recreated her studio within the gallery including paint pots and many of the found items that she uses for inspiration including postcards and advertisements. She was in residency for a month before the exhibition opened to paint a huge mural on the back wall of the Gallery.

Using almost exclusively white and black enamel paint she recreates and reinterprets some of the most recognisable figures in modern popular culture including Marge Simpson in Marge from Hell in pastel and Chalk. This is displayed alongside a dark and brooding Homer. When working in colour the splashes are bold in often silver or gold. The large mural painted in the gallery is a giant Batman mask overlooking the studio and was painted from a cherry picker.

This New York artists is influenced by Alberto Giacometti, Andy Warhol and Abstract Expressionists such as Jackson Pollock. Living and working in Brooklyn, New York she takes inspiration from the graffiti and shop signs she sees around her. Her bold and deliberate style features layer upon layer of paint which is then systematically erased and repainted to leave broad and strong imagery.

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Running until 10 May at Lisson Gallery, 27 Bell Street, London.

1. Joyceland in London 1981-2014 Studio accumulation from 1981 to present day. Courtesy of Lisson Gallery London