Into the Small Hours

Twilight is the period before sunrise and after sunset. It’s a time of day that is at once calming and ominous, being neither totally dark nor completely lit. The subsequent photographs are taken from Henri Prestes’ (b. 1989) first monograph, We Were Born Before the Wind (2022) – a testament to the quiet hours between sleeping and waking. The book is “an exploration of solitude and melancholy,” with figures roaming the shadowy Portuguese landscapes and wandering amongst fields of delicate flowers.
To create the series, Prestes spent a significant amount of time in small villages, mountains and desolate grasslands during the colder months of the year. The final shots are cinematic and intriguing, with green and yellow light diffusing through trees as winter’s chill hangs in the air. Readers are asked to consider each scene, turn the pages and decipher what might happen next. |

Images courtesy Henri Prestes, from Velvet Fields, Perfect Darkness and We Were Born Before the Wind.