Fleeting Moments

Fleeting Moments

Monty Kaplan is a 31-year-old photographer from Buenos Aires who focuses on the intricacies of light and balance. Dealing with the concept of transformation as a mediator for creative expression, the images capture moments when a day is beginning or ending.

Mirroring the notion that change can be a concept for an image and for its execution, Kaplan fluctuates between different modes of working. As such, the images are at once colourful and optimistic, yet foreboding. Colour is rendered as deep, emotive backgrounds, which carry a sense of joy, and at times, a woeful nostalgia for a passing day.

The artist notes: “I’m not interested in people, but I am interested in the world that people have built – in the objects and infrastructures that we have created and continue to develop. In a sense, my images are a kind of surreal anthropological documentation of the world.”

IG: @montykaplan

1. All images courtesy of Monty Kaplan.