Interview with Tom Furse of The Horrors on new compilation album Tom Furse Digs

Universal  Music together with Lo Recordings have announced the release of a collection of some of its archived production music tracks, curated by Tom Furse of psych-rock outfit The Horrors. Aptly titled Tom Furse Digs, the unique selection of music has been hand-picked by Tom from the Southern Library of Recorded Music, a specialist production music label owned by UPPM. Tom Furse Digs sees the artist leaving no stone unturned with his exploration of the vast Southern Library of Recorded Music, to create a compilation of music that pays homage to his love of the exotica genre. In his own words:

“Being given an opportunity to dig deep through an archive of library music is a record collectors dirty dream. I was surprised to find a rich vein of exotica, jazz and surf which resonated greatly with me. This was the kind of music I’d been listening to since I began delving deep into the weird and to get to curate a collection of those sounds was a privilege.”

We speak further with Tom about the inspiration behind the project.

A: All of these tracks are selected from the Southern Library of Recorded Music. What drew you to this label?
TF: Southern was new territory, a chance to really get stuck into something that hadn’t seen nearly as much exposure over the years. I was actually much more familiar with labels like Peer or Bruton but that’s been somewhat done to death.

A: Your selections range from movie composer Johnny Hawksworth to sitar player Harihar Rao, protégé of Ravi Shankar. Is there a uniting theme and concept behind bringing together such diverse musicians?
The tracks had to fit with this imaginary film I’d cooked up in my head, somewhat of a cross between surf classic The Endless Summer and the 60s classic The Trip.

A: Your sound with The Horrors has definitely mellowed from the punk sound of Strange House. Your latest album conjured a more psychedelic atmosphere. Has the music from Tom Furse Digs informed your own music at all?
I see it as one giant feedback loop, everything that I experience and do musically has an effect when I sit down to create.

A: The Horrors obviously have many influences. Do you see yourself curating more of these compilations to allow your listeners to discover more untapped genres of music?
That’d be the dream really. I’d love to do a Late Night Tales, and a Digs II would be fun to do. I just love doing music, whether that’s compiling tracks, edits, remixes, mixing, producing, whatever. I find it all exhilarating!

Tom Furse Digs is out now on Lo Recordings. For more information, visit

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1. Tom Furse. Courtesy of Universal Music.