Implied Presence

Todd Hido

Todd Hido’s (b. 1968) Homes at Night is a catalogue of images of American dwellings that are glowing in the darkness. Produced on analogue film with no additional staging or editing from the photographer, the images play on the interaction of the artificial lighting with the unavoidable shadows of night. Lamp posts, or the light shining from the windows, illuminates the isolated apartments and houses, drawing the attention of the viewer of the existence of life behind closed curtains. Hido also shoots interiors and his images are often striking due to the noticeable absence of people; instead their presence is implied through the presence of a blaring television set, an unmade bed or a row of empty cars. By taking an objective perspective, his photographs find an alternate view of suburbia: one whose shadows and secrets stand in contrast to the vibrant colours that are often associated with the USA. An exhibition of work from Hido opens at Kunstverein Augsburg, Germany, in January 2015.