History & Ecology:
The June / July Issue

History & Ecology:<br>The June / July Issue

In order to understand the past and present, it’s important to look at some of the key turning points in human history – from the use of fire and the development of agriculture to the printing press and the internet. Now, we find ourselves in a new era defined by artificial intelligence. In this issue we bring you artists who ask us to look at the natural world anew. Here is a preview of the June / July 2023 edition.

Shaping the Future | Portraits by Sarfo Emmanuel Annor express the joyful hopes, dreams and stories of youth in the artist’s home city of Koforidua, Ghana.

Glacial Topography | Stark documentations of polar regions critique the extent of human intervention on landscape, urging unification with the natural environment.

Unseen Landscapes | Photographer and keen explorer Cody Cobb presents Spectral, a collection demonstrating luminescence and a parallel world after dark.

Bursting with Colour | Wall of Nature unfolds like stills taken from a psychedelic daydream, flooding the page with strong pink, bright orange, green and purple.

Aquatic Exploration | Diver Alexej Sachov documents a new species of marine creature: the result of chance collisions between plastic pollutants in the deepest seas.

Deep in the Forest | Desk lamps nestle amongst lush green foliage and climb up tall trees in Rune Guneriussen’s compelling collection of magical installations.

Dynamic Expression | Djeneba Aduayom’s multidisciplinary artwork considers fragile contradictions within nature whilst studying human emotion and behaviour.

Sensory Technology | The Beams’ first contemporary exhibition is an immersive experience informed by technology’s ability to encourage complex, visceral emotions.

Visual Revolution | Ori Gersht’s historically-charged still lifes collide with artificial intelligence in uncanny images that question the boundaries of reality and existence.

Crafting Atmosphere | Rich imagery by Cristina Coral brings colour theory to our attention, occupying rows of green seating and heavy red velvet curtains.

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Image Credits:
Cover: Cristina Coral, Tribute to Baldessari (2018).
1. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Untitled (2023).

2. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Illuminated (2022).
Julian Charrière, Towards No Earthly Pole – Vostok, (2019). Copyright the artist; VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany.
4. Image courtesy Cody Cobb, from Spectral (2022).

5. Image courtesy Cody Cobb, from Spectral (2022).
6. Viet Ha Tran, Wall of Nature VIII (2019).

7. Alexej Sachov, Ghost Rider, from Hotel Guests Underwater (2022).
8. Alexej Sachov, Bobby, from Hotel Guests Underwater (2022).
9. Rune Guneriussen, The beauty of the elderly (2013). Courtesy of Galerie Olivier Waltman.
10. Djeneba Aduayom, Untitled for The Cut Magazine, (2019).
11. Djeneba Aduayom, Untitled for The Cut Magazine, (2019).

12. S E T U P, BORDERS, (2023). Photo: Dmitry Chuntul.
13. Ori Gersht, Blow Up 01, (2007). Courtesy of the artist.
14. Ori Gersht, Blow Up 04, (2007). Courtesy of the artist.
15. Cristina Coral, Blue Dress (2016) from The Other Part of Me.