Guided by Details

If we looked a little more closely, what might we see? Photographer Lucy Sparks answers this question in a collection of fragmented photographs. Leather, plastic, food, mirrors and familiar household objects are cropped and abstracted to create visceral, confusing and alluring compositions. Plush magenta carpets, heavy velvet curtains and electrical cords are singled out and transformed. Sparks has spent significant time in Essex and California, and she cites these places as inspiration for her commissioned and self-driven projects. In her own words, it’s about finding “the intersections of intention and chance, control and coincidence, real and imaginary, distorted and erotic.” She has collaborated with labels Chanel, Miu Miu and Loewe, and has been published in Wallpaper*, AnOther and The British Journal of Photography.

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All Images courtesy Lucy Sparks. From Gina, Night Gloom, Tina.
Lead image in collaboration with Stella McCartney.