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“My exploration with colour began in 1995 – during my first visit to Tokyo. I was deeply intrigued by the city; it was formed by infinite layers and living colours, and it was as if it were the first time that I had seen them.”

Shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2017, Emmanuelle Moureaux has a characteristic style recognisable across all of her projects due to a vivid use of Shikiri, a Japanese tradition of partitioning areas. Inspired by the mass of sensory information encountered whilst walking the streets of Tokyo, the artist uses a complex volume of visuals and simplifies them into block shapes. Colour is employed throughout the designs not simply as a surface presentation, but as an integral thematic component to structure, creating depth through the layering of different shades.

Her latest project, Creche Ropponmatsu Kindergarten, Fukuoka, further develops these formal ideas. 63 rainbow trees that line the exterior, dividing a sense of openness created by the windows spanning the length of the walls. The substantial use of empty space acts as a gesture to the outside world, evoking a consciousness of the environment. Though there is a freedom of light, the surrounding block motifs act as a gentle conceptual notion of protection, demonstrating a balance of and purpose achieved through the glass panels.

By designing every aspect of the nursery, from the structure and the interiors, to the branding motifs such as the logo and signage, the French architect has curated a succinct visual identity. Meanwhile, the project establishes a sense of creative harmony through a distinct physical atmosphere that reflects the need of its visitors. Contrasting a sleek modern aesthetic to an urban background, 200 strategically arranged, multi-hued boxes delve into the notion of individuality and equality, whilst offering a playful approach that unlocks a heightened sensitivity, to developmental engagement.

100 Colors and I am hereare both on display at York Art Gallery until 10 September. For more information visit
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