Glacial Topographies

Greg White (b. 1978) is a London-based photographer who focuses on the graphic elements of architecture and landscapes. The following pages present the icy territories of Arjeplog, Sweden, ruminating around frosted car grills, intricate branches and driveways. Thick velvet snow covers the roofs of panelled houses and gathers at the roadside. The cold white mounds are contrasted by inky night skies that plume from deep blues to purples. White’s work reveals a love of both function and mystery, expressing a sense of cool detachment through super-watt bulbs that drench locations with bright white light. He is currently working on a new book about a small Welsh slate mining town where declining industry has seen an unusual rise in tourism. White shoots regularly for Wired, Wallpaper*, The Times and Avaunt and has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Atlas, Creative Review and Viewpoint.