From the Golden Age

Renata Dutrée is a recent graduate from Photo Academy, Amsterdam. Her work explores the acts of hiding or revealing – living with secrets and the journey to concealing these from the world.

The following images are from the Time Will Tell series – referencing the light and symbolism of the Golden Age. The images ruminate around the after-effects of trauma, centred on the lives of five women, which are positioned around still lives, items of weight and decay.

Through staged portraits, the women are held within looming darkness. Pearls spill from a vase; petals fall from their flowers; empty oyster shells wait to be weighed. There’s a sense of apprehension that fills the compositions – the objects act as metaphors for something catastrophic happening in the psyche and beyond the frame.

Dutrée was selected GUP New Talents 2020, and was nominated for both the DuPho SO 2020 Student Award and the Lensculture Portrait Awards 2020. Her work will be exhibited at Masterly The Hague – The Biennale of
of Old Master Paintings and Dutch Design – in 2021.

1. Woman with Grapes.
2. Roses and Glass.
3. Apple and Glass.
4. Oysters on a Plate.
Woman with Fish on a Plate.
6. Woman with Vase and Pearls.
7. Lace Curtains.
8. Peonies.