Searching for Connection

Searching for Connection

A flock of arms reaches out from the side of the frame like tentacles – like blades of grass. They bend and wave, open-palmed, outstretched, towards a tentative figure on the periphery of landscape.

These hands act as markers – identifiers of disconnect. Upon hillsides they reach towards a body with no discernible motive other than to touch – to embrace. Elia Pellegrini’s collaged photographs play with light and movement, asking audiences to stop, pause, consider.

Pellegrini is drawn to the human form – particularly eyes and hands. In each of the images, these body parts are gestural and performative, offering subtle windows into the human condition. In otherworldly arenas, the characters are isolated, wandering across bodies of water and open fields, irises and fingertips stretching into open, reflective planes.

Credits: All images courtesy of Elia Pellegrini. @eliapelle.

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