Fictional Contrasts

Cig Harvey’s (b. 1973) enchanting photography transforms the familiar themes of home, family, nature and time, uncovering cinematic moments in the ordinary movement of life. Born in Devon, Harvey now resides in Maine, USA, where she spends time shooting images of friends and family to better understand their relationships. Her latest collection, Gardening at Night (2010-2014), is vibrant, dark and sensuous. The photographs are full of stark contrasts; vivid colours stand out against bleak backdrops, human hands intersect with nature and shadows dance across still domestic scenery. Although the works are dreamlike, the recognisable subjects keep them grounded in real life, reflecting on the surrounding wonder instead of trying to enhance it. Harvey has also produced work for New York Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. Gardening at Night is at Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, until mid-June and is available in book form from Schilt Publishing.