Fading Dreams

Phil Bergerson

Working as both a documentary photographer and a cultural commentator, Phil Bergerson (b. 1947) has spent the past 20 years constructing a visual historical record of the depleting remnants of the American Dream. The Canadian artist has made numerous journeys across the landscape of the USA, exploring different states and examining the country as a whole. The final images are brought together in American Artifacts, a series that identifies corners of colourful vibrancy against a backdrop of dilapidating scenery. Entirely absent of human subjects, the photographs instead focus upon the remains of society’s activity, finding neglected furniture, peeling posters and forgotten mannequins. Bergeson builds a narrative of both disappointment and hope through these abandoned spaces, reflecting humanity’s continued struggle to take ownership of the surroundings. American Artifacts is on display at WORK gallery, London, until 10 May and is available in book format from Black Dog Publishing.