John Wynne and Yoonjin Yung, The Flux, And I, Gazelli Art House, London

Gazelli Art House’s umbrella curatorial theme of this year is the idea that the only thing constant in life is change. Feeding into this concept are the new works from John Wynne and Yoonjin Jung that explore one’s inner “movement” in relation to their surrounding. This exhibition forms an outline of the importance of the dimensionality of space and its correlation with the various elements that come into play when considered at any given point in time. Time, as an influencing factor to both the internal and external momentum of “happenings”, is at once considered and eventually removed providing an overview of the present in its entirety.

Site-specific installations by John Wynne present the viewer with a subtly unsettling merge between the external business of our daily urban lives and the apparent refuge of interior space. Inviting sounds from the street into a bespoke composition of pure tones exploring and defining the internal shape of the gallery, his work exploits the sonic permeability of architecture as well as the sculptural potential of sound waves.

Yoonjin Jung’s new geometric and structured installations, on the contrary, playfully determine the vertical and architectural plains of our physical surroundings. Yet the viewer’s embrace of her interrelation with that which she observes, takes a different dimension due to the inconspicuous nature of the artist’s work. Sculptural installations will also be accompanied by ethereal ink on silk paintings, which stem from the traditional Korean ink paintings. The show seeks to provide a platform for the audience to detach themselves from the effects of time in order to understand and embrace the inevitable progression of events that we have little or no control over.

John Wynne and Yoonjin Yung, The Flux, And I, until 29 June, Gazelli Art House 39 Dover Street London W1S 4NN,

1. THE FLUX AND I – Yoonjin Jung, Seeing the Unseen XXIX, 2014, mixed media, wood, acrylic paint, perspex, 109 x 187 x 25.3 cm