Emotive Colour Play

The first colour wheel is attributed to Sir Isaac Newton’s Opticks, which was published in 1704. We are still studying its nuances over 300 years later. Colour psychology examines the effects that different hues can have on human perception and behaviour. Why do some shades make us feel sad, and others energetic or driven? These concepts are central to Prince Gyasi (b. 1995), whose signature style involves vibrant palettes. The Ghanaian artist believes “colour can serve as a therapy, it can treat depression and transform emotions.” Most of the images are taken in Accra, the artist’s hometown, and place its inhabit- ants front and centre. Each work – captured on iPhone – is about fundamental human feelings, set against a bright backdrop. “I represent people who don’t have the platform to speak for themselves,” he explains. This is a principle the artist carries into his new exhibition space, Maât Gallery, Paris. princegyasi.com | @princejyesi | maat-gallery.com

Image Credits:
1. Prince Gyasi, Patience & Purpose (2019)
2. Prince Gyasi, Protection II (2020)
3. rince Gyasi, Almost Home (2018)
4. Prince Gyasi, La Pureté (2019)
5. Prince Gyasi, Before the Rains Came (2019)
6. Prince Gyasi, Crumple Zone (2018)