Cinematic Retrospection

Joshua Jordan (b. 1960) is an American fashion photographer who executes cinematic shoots with structural consideration. Organising compositions not only with entrancing figures, he creates scenic backdrops that contain the detailed forms of shadowed railings, intricate metal doorways and marina rigging. The iconography of journeys, these lingering articles are built into the images with spatial depth and formulated lines. Featured in the following pages are photographs from a number of Jordan’s series, inspired by icons such as Jackie Onassis and Marilyn Monroe, whilst referencing dream-like flashbacks to retro culture, fllm-noir and Hollywood-esque characters. Manhattan, Central Park and the Hamptons provide lavish and notable locations, whilst contemporary styling is contrasted by magnetic nostalgia. Natural, earthy tones are projected with subtle glamour, and contemporary models are transposed with vintage imagination.