The Next Generation

Teaming up with London College of Communication for the third year, Aesthetica presents the 2016 edition of The Next Generation collaboration.

Unified Construction

The 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale redefines architecture in the face of contemporary concerns as a socially and politically engaged practice.

Balanced Compositions

Pastel flowers, vintage cars and minimalist architecture provide the backdrop for Bond’s lustrous depiction of contemporary fashion.

Illusory Projections

Gabriel Isak’s pastel palettes of mist-covered skies and boundless oceans are disturbed by bold, standardised silhouettes on figurative journeys.

Uncanny Environment

Casting a raw depiction of the urban climate, Frédéric Delangle’s series demonstrate an intimate understanding of every environment he inhabits.

Visual Language

Contemporary theatre company Vanishing Point experiments with the potential of the actor at this year’s Edinburgh International Festival.

Fictitious Landscapes

Inaugurating this September, a prescient international event offers a solution to one of the greatest design deficiencies of the English capital.

Vacant Urbanisation

Drainpipes and concrete cohere with clean lines, and compositions disappear into a clear-blue sky that references the enhanced nature of advertisements.

Cultural Anonymity

Michael Wolf documents the vernacular culture of the modern metropolis. Architecture of Density is a collection of colossal structures.

Evolving Civilisations

Taking its title from a 1985 dystopian novel, New Romance displays technologically advanced artworks and reframes the human condition.

Shifting Philosophies

Weaving sustainability with multi-functionality, Mode in Flux presents a vision for fashion’s future within an unstable environmental landscape.

Enticing Sequences

Benoit Paillé’s series is an exploration into narratives under darkness. Illuminated windows are suggestive, whilst strangers are caught in unexplained affairs.