Uncanny Environment

French photographer Frédéric Delangle (b. 1965) grew up in Paris, where his passion for documenting the suburbs and the landscape was born. Casting a raw, unbound depiction of the urban climate, the various series demonstrate an intimate understanding of every environment he inhabits. Nyctalope tracks the artist through a forest cloaked by nightfall: he immerses himself into nature, completely alone. Thus, the collection is based upon a willingness to be colonised by fear and to capture this real yet relatable emotion. Delangle presents a segment of his surroundings by bathing them in artificial light. The rest he leaves as a periphery of black: a place of possibility perhaps more foreboding than had it been left undisturbed. In doing so, he comments on the surreal thought that darkness, however natural, translates the home of harmless flora into a place of unknown and electrifying apprehension. www.fredericdelangle.com.